And Then There Really Was One

No one comes home at 35 weeks they told us.  But in our case that was not true.  Baby B, who was now the largest at over 5lbs, had no sleep alarms for over a month, and only maybe one feed alarm, was ready to get out of there.  At the time we did not even think about it.  They had engrained it in our heads that coming home at 35 weeks never happens, but it did.

They had told us that we almost got to take two home that day, but baby C, had some trouble keeping his temperature up outside of the incubator, and was postponed at least for now.

It felt weird leaving with one, and leaving the others in the NICU.  We knew that for the next few weeks it was going to be extremely difficult, because now not only did we have one at home to take care of,  but you feel compelled to be in with the others as well.

We did pretty good, balancing the two.  We spent most of our time at home, but usually went to the NICU in the evenings for a few hours.

At home with B other than having to get up at night every three hours to feed him, it was simple at this point he ate, then slept.  I am surprised at home how calm we were having him there.  Thinking back, I should have been freaking out, but did not.  It all started out very simple.  But little did I know that was slowly going to change.

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