Early Intervention

Early intervention is a program that is offered to all babies who are born prematurely.    If you qualify they pay for whatever help they need to help them catch up to their actual age.  In order to qualify they need to be in the lower 25th percentile in just one category.

With three our evaluation took about three hours.  It went well.  They explained how even though corrected they are only three months old; they were scored as a five month old which is their actual age.  They had a chart that they scored them each on in a variety of different categories.  They said to look at it as a bell curve, a score in the middle was average, and then you could be above and below.

They did their tests with them, and then asked a variety of questions.  At the end they informed us that there was nothing concerning at this time when you add in the consideration that they were between two and three months early, but that because they were evaluated at term, they did qualify.

They also informed us that the only reason that B and C qualified was because of how we answered one question.  They asked how does bath time go, and we said, they scream.  They said that if we had said they did fine, or they enjoy it, those two would not have qualified.  It figured that we gave them baths that night, and they all loved it, and have loved it every time since.  They no scream when you take them out.

Baby A was always behind because of his reflux, but even he scored average for most of his skills.  They gave us some tips to help him out, and some other ways to position him to help him build strength, but not get sick.

We did elect to have a therapist come out once a month to give us new ideas to help them improve.   We figured that we qualify, so we might as well use it.  However we were very pleased that the evaluators found nothing concerning, and that everything was on the right track.  It’s great to see them rolling on their side to try to get to toys, and starting to attempt to crawl.  I know once they figure that out that that will change things greatly.   Even baby A has built up a log of strength since, and I have a feeling that if they were evaluated now, they may not have qualified.

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