Finally All Our Triplets Where Home, Again.

Finally after four days in Hershey, baby A was able to come home.  Now however he had even more attachments, since they sent him home on oxygen.

He hated every second of it.  Not only did he now have an apnea monitor wrapped around his waist, but he also had a nasal cannula that was permanently taped to his face 24/7.  He was miserable.   When he wasn’t sleeping, he cried and rubbed his face against everything he could, trying to get the tubing off his face.

He had so much trouble going to sleep at night, and would generally cry from his bedtime feeding unless he was continuously rocked, until we fed him again, then he would usually fall asleep.  The oxygen compressor was loud, and made the upstairs 80 degrees or hotter, making everyone uncomfortable.

Our other two boys also decided that they would rather scream all night, and sleep all day, making it things more difficult.  This went on for almost a week, and we were all exhausted.

Finally I asked myself, what we are doing differently.  So I decided that we were going to try something different that next night.  We needed a routine, something that they would learn, that it was bed time.  So I said, let’s change them into sleepers, and change their diaper.    Give them their last bottle, swaddled them (even though it got hot) and lie them down in their cribs, and walk away.

For baby A, he always woke up when you moved him from the chair to the crib, because you had to move him, his monitor and his oxygen, so for him I decided to try letting him sleep in a bassinet beside the chair we fed him in instead of moving him to the crib.

Well along came bed time and believe it or not, it worked.  We laid them down, even if not sleeping, covering baby A in a blanket since he could not be swaddled in the bassinet.  It was around 9, and everyone was quiet and in their cribs, we checked on them in about 10 minutes and everyone was asleep.  We continued to do this, and as time went on, evening and bed time were easier and easier.

The lesson we learned here, is when they say routine is key, they are not kidding, especially with triplets!

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