Finally There Were Three?

It took baby A much longer to come home than anticipated.  He would be perfectly fine for a few days, and then he would drop his oxygen for a while.  It was not as bad as it looked.  They explained to use that once your oxygen dropped past a certain point that the devices reading his o2 levels were not that accurate.  There were times that it would say it was 30%, and he would look a little pale.  They said that if it really was 30% he would look very blue/ gray.  But they wanted to keep an eye on him, and make sure that it was nothing serious.

They checked his lungs, his heart, and everything in between, and could not find anything.  Yet he continued to have these episodes every two or three days.   The nurses kept telling us that he is probably refluxing, and that it just makes it harder to get enough oxygen into the lungs, since during these episodes he never stopped breathing or dropped his heart rate.

Finally one of the Doctors saw him cough prior to an episode, and decided to have the bait and swallow test done.  The test showed that he did indeed have moderate reflux.  They then switched him over to a different formula to try to help with it, and it seemed to help.

They kept him for two more days to just to make sure the formula did the trick, and it seemed to as he had no episodes in those two days.  They did however decide to send him home on an apnea monitor to be safe.  They said that when babies have reflux that causes oxygen drops they send them home on a monitor just to be safe.

Just like that we had three babies at home; unfortunately one had an additional attachment.  The apnea monitor was almost like having a fourth baby.   At this point things were crazy.  Baby B and C had been home for a month at this point, and we were allow to let them go up to four hours between feeding instead of every three(if they would go that long), but baby A needed to eat every three since they had changed his formula and restricted him to only eating two ounces at a time.  This made for a very hectic feeding schedule.  At night it made you feel like once you got everyone fed, that you really only had one to two hours of sleep before you started all over again, and that was if everyone went right back to sleep after they were done eating.  What was even worse was I was already back to work, since he came home so long after they anticipated, making the nights seem even worse since I could not sleep in.

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