Our First Triplet Was Now Monitor Free

Finally came the time to start weaning baby A off of his oxygen.  His apnea monitor was replaced with a o2 monitor, and we took him off the oxygen during the day, but then put him on at night.  He did well during the day, with really only having a drop when he would have some reflux.

After a few days of no oxygen during the day, and slowly turning it down over night, we took him off completely.  He was now much happier and slept so much better now that he had nothing on his face.  The o2 was also much less evasive than the apnea monitor, only having a small device that wrapped around his foot, though he was still tethered to a box making it difficult to just pick him up and carry him around.

Now that he was of the oxygen, we began to wean him off the medication, which also went very smoothly.  Once he was off the medication for a week, the pulmonologist sent a device which would record his oxygen, and wanted him to wear it overnight.

When he had his next appointment they had the results and the doctor discontinued everything.  He was so much happier not being tied down to any monitors.  However we were no yet ready for him to be monitor free, at least at night.  We bought a small device that clipped onto his diaper that we put on him at night.  If it did not detect motion for more than 15 seconds it would alarm.

To this day, it only went off once when he managed to knock it off in the middle of the night.  The only other challenge was getting him back in his crib instead of the small bassinet he had been sleeping in.

He would fall asleep, and we would lie him in his crib, and minutes later he would just scream.  So we started by moving the bassinet into his room by his crib, then after a week of him sleeping well there tried his crib again and he was fine.  All three were now finally in their room.

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