..Then There Were Two..

The next day we came into the NICU, they had both C and A out of the incubators and into a crib.  We were told that it baby C were to keep his temperature up that he would be coming home in a few days, and that so would baby A.

We were surprised hearing that baby A may come home so soon after getting over his infection, but he was doing well, and back to his normal self.

Sure enough two days went by and baby C was able to keep his temperature up, so he was coming home.  Baby A on the other hand had an oxygen alarm, meaning he dropped his oxygen for more than 10 seconds.  They did not seem concerned, but wanted to make sure that it was just an isolated incident and decided to keep him for a few more days.

At this point at home having two babies was not much different from one.  They still spent most of their time sleeping, waking up every two and a half to three hours to eat, then immediately went back to sleep.

The only reason they ever didn’t sleep was if they were gassy.  It was explained to us, that they didn’t at this point know how to pass gas.  This may sound ridiculous to adults, but I can tell you there were many nights were I was rocking a screaming baby, till he finally farted, and fell back to sleep.

They said that what usually happens is they are uncomfortable because of gas, and scream which causes them to squeeze and pass gas, they then associate the screaming with the passing of the gas, so when they have that discomfort they scream.

My concern with baby C, was that he was still under 5lbs, and we wanted to make sure he kept his temperature up, so at home we always double swaddled him.  He hated being swaddled, and would sometimes scream before he fell asleep.  But we knew it was for his own good.

Things over all still went relatively smoothly, but little did we know how that was all going to change.

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