Triplets Out And About

The other weekend it was my little cousin’s birthday party.  We decided to try a few new things this day to see how it goes.

First, she has an in ground pool, and we decided that we were going to see how they did in the water.  We took baby c in first.  He doesn’t always have to go last right?  He loved it.  We had bought some little swimmers diapers, and lather them in sunscreen.  Next we decided to try baby B, he hated it and screamed.  I think out issue was that it went so well with baby C, we just plopped B right in there, and it was too much too fast.  Finally we went to baby A.  This time we went slowly again, and even though he looked very unsure at first, till he was in up to about his chest he was loving it.

The second thing we decided to try was giving them their bedtime bottle there, then taking them home and putting them to bed, instead of trying to get home before they were hungry and doing out usual routine there.   This made me nervous because if this didn’t go well, we would have three upset babies at home.  We did their same routine of changing them into sleepers, cleaning them up, and giving them a bottle.  But instead of putting them in their cribs, I put them in their car seats, and tucked a blanket around them.  They were all asleep at this point. We then put them in the van, and went home.

Here was the nerve-wracking part.  Could we get them from their car seat into their crib without waking them up?  The answer was yes.  We took out time, didn’t turn any bright lights on, but they were all in their crib, sound asleep.

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